She didn’t have to look into his eyes to know that they were flecked with brown and gold. He was asleep with his head in her lap. Her fingertips played with his blonde curls, still damp from the shower. The scent of his coconut shampoo still lingered to his blonde tendrils.

As she stroked his hair, she felt guilty. She hated knowing that she didn’t love him enough to let him go. It almost hurt her how selfish she was being. Almost.

She couldn’t leave behind her love for him, she couldn’t leave behind his sun kissed skin and curly blonde hair, she couldn’t give up the feeling of home he gave her. She just couldn’t.

He was still in a deep sleep. He didn’t show any signs of stirring awake.

It worked.

She pushed his sleep-induced body off the rock they were on, sending him into he murky ocean below with a thick splash. She quickly followed, slipping herself off the rock fin first.

His sleeping body had already started sinking. She wrapped her tail around his torso to keep him from sinking further.

He had no doubt inhaled water by now. His body wouldn’t reject the ocean invading his lungs because of her siren song. He would die peacefully and painlessly. She just had to wait until his heart stopped beating to let the ocean do its job.

His heart would stop and the ocean would take over, transforming him to be just like her. And then she could have him forever. Selfish.