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The Iara Mermaid — Brazilian Mythology

Hello writerly friends and readers! Before I get to my regularly scheduled post, I’d like to give you a heads up about November’s post! I’m hosting a book giveaway with a fellow aspiring author, Kayla Guerrero! Rules and information about how to enter will be in my November post (scheduled for the 19th @ 5 P.M. CST), as well as a post by Kayla! Be on the lookout for that, and follow both my blog and Kayla’s blog to be notified!

ONE LAST THING! I’m giving away 4 different movie posters on my Twitter page! I have posters for The Hate U Give, The Meg, Little Women, and First Man up for grabs! Fun fact: all of these movies are adaptations from books! Head on over to my Twitter profile and view the pinned post for the giveaway thread! Now, onto my post! Continue reading “The Iara Mermaid — Brazilian Mythology”