Thank You To My Ex (#2)

Hello hello hello, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes following my last post, and many thanks to those that took the time to read my short story! It means the world to me. But back to my regularly scheduled posts! Continue reading “Thank You To My Ex (#2)”

My Work

Solitude of a Siren

Hello, hi, hey, welcome back! So this week, I’m doing something just a tiny bit different! Today in celebration of my 23rd birthday (!!!) I’m posting my entire work of Solitude of a Siren (what I have currently done anyway, this might not be the final edit). Yep. All 6,301 words are just a click away. Or maybe you’ve already clicked it and that last line didn’t work, but hey, I tried.

I’ve been working on this story on and off since 2014. I originally wrote it for a scholarship competition (which I WON by the way!) and it was less than 2500 words at the time (I think the competition rules stated it had to be less than 3k words). But it grew quite a bit as I worked on it through college, because hello, my major was Creative Writing and obviously my classes made me write?? Like, a lot??? But I’m so PROUD of my babychild and how much she’s grown over the time I’ve had to work on her.

I plan on making this either a trilogy of short stories or combining them into one novel, I’m not sure yet. But I do know that this first installment will always be free to read (I have it posted on Wattpad). Please, enjoy.

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated! All I want for my birthday is for you to enjoy my work.

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Book Reviews

Hey Brother — A Review

Hello and welcome, or welcome back!

I’M SO SORRY, I totally suck and forgot to post yesterday LOL. I normally have my blogposts scheduled ahead of time, but I’d planned on extending this one before I scheduled it and well, I was busy finishing up edits on draft two of my manuscript! I think I deserve a pass for that. Anyway!

I had the pleasure of reading Hey Brother by A.J. Stewart (sorry it took me so long btw, I really suck at keeping up with ebooks compared to paperbacks or hardcovers) and I’m so glad I did! Admittedly, it isn’t a book in my comfort zone; I LOVE young adult books with a heavy bias towards fantasy-based content, but I’ve recently been trying to branch into new genres I’m not used to reading as well as content I’m not drawn to at first. Continue reading “Hey Brother — A Review”

Book Reviews

Camp Ferguson — A Review

This week is a special post dedicated to the author of the book I’m reviewing, one of my best friends Kyle Robertson! Be sure to follow him on Twitter as well as his website! Kyle and I have grown close since we met back in early September and I’m so grateful for his friendship! I would love it if y’all would support him too! Continue reading “Camp Ferguson — A Review”


Thank You To My Ex (#1)

Hello, I’m sure you’ve noticed the title seems a little bit different than my usual posts, and it is going to be. This one is going to be more serious, and I’m going to make these posts into a mini-series of thanking people from my past, what they’ve taught me, and what I’ve learned from experiences with/involving them. I’d like to note that this has been sitting in my drafts for MONTHS, long before Ariana Grande’s song thank u, next was released. Continue reading “Thank You To My Ex (#1)”