Hello all who wander, but may not be lost!

Congratulations on finding my website (in progress)!

Now that you’re here, let me introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Nikki, which I’m sure you’ve figure out by now, and I’ve loved story-telling since before I could even write. As a child, I had a very active imagination, and would constantly tell stories I would make up on the spot. Once I learned to write, I never stopped, and I’ve practically been writing since (although, I did go through a major cringe-phase. Hopefully that will be forgotten and lost on the internet…).

Before I could read, I loved having books read to me. When I learned to read, I never stopped that, either! As I grew up, you could safely bet I would have a book in hand during my free time, and I almost always carried a book with me just in case I had any down-time.

My stories have been fantasy fiction from day one, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s also my favorite kind of books to read; Young Adult fantasy has been my love since we met and it happens to be my main category of writing as well!

I hope you enjoyed my introduction and are intrigued to read on, and remember, life is too short to not let your imagination run wild!



Professor David Carlon of Bowdoin College, the guest judge, wrote of your piece Solitude of a Siren: “The narrative and writing style present a refreshing take on the classic myth of the siren.”

2014 Williams-Mystic/Joseph Conrad Ocean Essay Contest Judge